Barstool Sportsbook Crowing Seeks New Jersey Market Share

bar stools sportsbook is a newcomer to the New Jersey sports betting market, but the usually cocky and frowning brand has quietly established itself among industry leaders.

Since launch AugustBarstool Sportsbook joins FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, Caesars and others as major players in online sports betting in New Jersey.

can’t believe it?

Here it is Dave Portnoy,Founder bar stool sportsboasts sportsbook success garden state Twitter trolling action network Darren Lovell.

I have one small problem. The numbers are not completely accurate.

“El Presidente” knows this (or at least anyone with his professed financial acumen should know).

New Jersey Gambling Earnings Report Facts

The market share percentages cited by Portnoy reflect the shares of Barstool Sportsbook licensees. freehold racewaySimilarly FanDuel numbers (Meadowlands Racecourse), DraftKings (resort digital) and BetMGM (Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa).

These figures are the total revenue of all online sports betting operators (skins) under their respective game licensees in New Jersey.

State gaming regulators do not break down monthly earnings for individual online operators, and that information is not made public.

October 2021 NJ Sports Betting Revenue by License Holder

Licensee online brand gross income online earnings retail income state tax local tax
Meadowlands Fan Duel | Point Bet | Super Book $44,099,790 $39,593,964 $4,505,826 $5,534,188 $1,046,932
Resort Draft Kings | FoxBet | Resort $15,990,695 $15,924,149 $66,546 $2,075,795 $398,936
Borgata Bet MGM | Borgata $8,012,702 $7,768,933 $243,769 $1,030,681 $197,270
free hold bar stool | play up $6,969,453 $6,780,699 $188,754 $921,060 $176,401
Monmouth Park Caesars | Sugar House | Score $4,542,182 $3,092,389 $1,449,793 $525,040 $95,402
Tropicana Caesars $2,226,743 $2,089,212 $137,531 $283,287 $53,949
Hard Rock Hard Rock | Hard Rock | Bet365 | Unibet $1,029,292 $917,007 $112,285 $128,755 $24,329
Caesars Caesars | 888 | Wynn $631,641 $446,124 $185,517 $73,765 $13,472
ocean Caesars | Tipico $415,121 $284,834 $130,287 $48,201 $8,764
Bally’s none $162,945 $0 $162,945 $13,850 $2,037
golden nugget Golden Nugget | BetAmerica | Betway $138,547 $54,659 $83,888 $14,236 $2,415
Harrah’s none -$67,076 $0 -$67,076 -$5,680 -$835
total $84,152,035 $76,951,970 $7,200,065 $10,643,178 $2,019,072

boring portnoy

For Portnoy’s cited graph to be true, 100% of Internet sports betting revenues reported by the licensee would have to be generated. from one operator.

For example, all Meadowlands revenue comes from FanDuel. in short, point bet When super book Generate $0.

Same for Resorts Digital, where DraftKings generates all revenue and nada. foxbet.

Freehold means that the PlayUp Sportsbook has not contributed anything. October Barstool Sportsbook, on the other hand, did all the heavy lifting.

All possibilities are possible, but these scenarios are unlikely.

The bar stool sportsbook is real

But that doesn’t completely negate Portnoy’s claims.

This is where historical performance and extrapolation data can help.

The “Big 4” (FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, Caesars) all use mobile sports betting apps 2018, claims early market share. These initial percentages haven’t changed dramatically as additional skins have been added by their respective licensees.

Although imprecise, this means that these particular operators are Majority of Revenues Reported by Licensees. PlayNJ’s Based on previous conversations with gaming executives, industry experts, and state gaming regulators, we understand FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, and Caesars fit that description.

Looking at Freehold’s internet sports betting earnings report since August, Barstool Sportsbook seems to do the same. Freehold added his PlayUp to his September.

Barstool Sportsbook crashes the party

there is 22 online sports betting options New Jersey. But only a handful of apps dominate the market.

FanDuel and DraftKings were the undisputed No. 1 and No. 2 for almost three years.Both operators each make more money each month Online sports betting earnings More than all nine Atlantic City casino retail sportsbooks combined.

BetMGM and Caesars (officially william hill usa) also hold a sizeable market share, but their combined monthly reports are often smaller than the top two.

The Barstool Sportsbook claims it. top tier Online sports betting operator in New Jersey.

The Streees have arrived in Garden State

So what does that mean?

That means Barstool Sportsbook has created a dent in the highly competitive and increasingly crowded online sports betting market in New Jersey.However exactly how much Known only to state gaming regulators.

Indeed, certain sportsbook operators may be on the losing side for months if the gambler is lucky.
And yes, well-known operators are believed to be responsible for the majority of their respective licensees’ reported revenues.

That said, the Barstool Sportsbook can Grabbed 8.8% market share last month.
But it’s safe to simply say that 2021 was the year Barstool Sportsbook took notice of New Jersey’s online sports betting market.

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