BBC reality series Dubai Hustle showcases UAE’s growing property sector

A new two-part TV show, dubai hustleto air on the BBC, will show how Dubai’s burgeoning property market is faring and whether a group of 10 UK agents can thrive in the realms they face in the future. The purpose is that.

sold as apprentice meet sell sunsetthe show follows the group working for Haus & Haus, a British real estate agency with offices in Dubai.

“This is the TV you dream about,” said James Perry, managing director of Haus & haus.

“I hope it inspires others to broaden their thinking about what they are capable of. There are so many great opportunities out there.”

The series is produced by British production company Multistory Media.

Rudy Lira Kusuma of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty makes it her company’s mission to guide realtors to build their own teams and grow their businesses.

On the outlook and thought process behind the series, he said:

“Our real estate sector is booming, with many Americans moving to the state and expanding their portfolios with new properties. It’s easy to see how much we’ve grown in ,” he said.

“There are certainly a lot of opportunities out there and it’s great to see young people trying to succeed in an exciting market away from home.”

He continued, “I think COVID has shown us how small the world is in some ways. Real estate is a very strong industry with a truly transferable skill set, so it will be interesting for viewers to see the nuances of going into the deal.”

The Kusuma company’s goal is to enable agents to experience financial freedom and not be constrained to just one linear way of doing business in the industry. Kusuma, who successfully sold 500 homes a year in his first three years building a team at his REMAX in California, said, “We want our audience to see different areas of the business on the show. It’s a good opportunity,” he said.

Today, the company is expanding to all of California, Texas and Florida to capitalize on the market.

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