Bears’ Justin Fields says ‘much improved’ mechanics by Luke Getzie

Justin Fields on Saturday night looked like a different quarterback compared to when the Bears last played against the Browns. But still, the second-year quarterback put together arguably the best half of football in the NFL. However, much of Fields’ success may also be attributed to mechanical adjustments made by the Bears coach at the start of his program this offseason.

“We’ve obviously improved a lot since then,” says Getsy. “But it’s nowhere near where it needs to be. He’s got a long way to go there. But he’s trailing behind. He enjoys the reward of listening to his feet.” , the timing and rhythm was good for most of the night. And he did a great job with it, he got away on third down, he knew the time was up, and he made the most of the play.”

Getsy was vague when discussing what she wanted to see with Fields in the next few weeks leading up to Week 1. He pointed to Fields’ plans for the team going back to when the team got together in his April and sticking to that plan. Getsy continues to challenge Fields and the entire offense mentally and physically, playing the way he wants them to. Without going into too many details, Getsy shared a few things that give him confidence that Fields’ strong preseason play will carry over into his regular season.

“His leadership and putting the unit together was really fun to watch,” said Getsy. “Not just in preseason, but through all of this. If I can be in his three preseason games and show these players that I am ready to lead the unity, I will call the play clean. And I think I can put it into action at a high level.Confidence.

“My favorite part of being on a huddle team is that the quarterback can look 10 other people in the eye and feel what they feel from him. He has no hesitation whatsoever. So I think that’s a good thing.”

We have yet to see the final iteration of the Bears offense. Like every other NFL team, they ran a simple scheme to avoid giving opponents precious tapes to prepare for themselves. That is about to change.

“Now it goes a little deeper,” said Getsy. “And now how much you are willing to object and show. Gloves are already off.”

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