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Atlanta, GA (Atlanta Now News at 10) — Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out The BeREGGAE Music and Arts Festival. Atlanta Now’s Valencia Jones discusses why she brings both entertainment and healing to her community.

BeREGGAE Fest, the largest festival of its kind in the Southeast, is now in its ninth year, with plenty of entertainment, music, food and vendors at Piedmont Park, drawing people from near and far.

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“It’s a great event,” said Tracy Proby, who came from Chicago with her family.

There is a big lineup of celebrities like Chi Ching Ching, a Jamaican music artist on Sean Paul’s record label. “My vibe is always alive, so I make people enjoy dancing,” he said. Wayne Wonder, Cee Lo Green and Tito Puente Jr. will take the stage on Sunday.

This year’s theme concerns healing for Blacks, Indigenous peoples, and people of color. “There is a self-repairing sanctuary organized by the Reproductive Justice Resilience Project,” said festival spokesperson Orimatta Thal. The sanctuary has herbalists, massage therapists, and vendors such as Esscents of Julia, sharing natural skin care items.

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“It all started with our deodorant because of the simple fact that it can cause breakouts, lumps and clogs. Natural deodorants eliminate it over time. It helps you do that,” said Julia owner Ashley Julia Boyd of Esscents.

There are plenty of food options and opportunities to exercise a little in trying to reach them all. “There’s every type of food you can think of, from Southern to African-American, from other parts of the United States, including every Caribbean country you can think of,” Tarr said.

Organizers say supporting the community is worth it.

“This is actually a fundraiser for the Hand Over Fist Foundation, and all kinds of organizations will benefit, including my Connie Tucker Legacy Foundation,” Tarr said.

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“The fest continues until Sunday, August 14th. Click here for more information.

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