Best New Jersey Food Truck: Chank’s Grab-N-Go

Meof this edition best new jersey food trucks, we meet the family reinventing the world’s favorite foods.Chank’s USA LLC, headquartered in Millville, Cumberland County, packs their favorite foods into cones. Of course, the signboard product is now popular corn pizza. But that’s just the beginning of their new Chank’s Grab-N-Go snack division.

The founder and CEO of Chank’s Grab-N-Go is Eric Ciancaglini. He and his team make their products here in America, but their inspiration comes from Italy. Eric’s father came up with the concept and his son took the idea and put it into action. Now they serve some items in cones and the menu is bigger.

Traditional pizza cones are a mix of our signature marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese wrapped in a hearty pizza crust. They also offer a pepperoni option. In addition to pizza cones, patrons can order cheesesteaks in cones. In the future, we plan to offer desserts as well.

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A new way to eat pizza anytime

You can catch trucks at festivals and events. However, the cone is such a hit that it is now available in some sports stadiums and supermarkets. Isn’t there a lot of people who like pizza but don’t eat pizza? With Chank’s Grab-N-Go Snacks, both the cone and filling are evenly filled in each bite.

For more information on Chank’s food trucks, visit best of new jersey I spoke with Eric Ciancarini. plus, best of new jersey Readers can find a special 20% off online purchase code at the bottom of this feature.

Best New Jersey Food Trucks: An Interview with Chunk

Chunks food truck

Best of NJ: What year did Chunk’s track start?

Eric Ciancarini: Chunk’s started in January 2019.

BONJ: How was it when you started doing tracks?

Erik: Starting is the same as riding a bicycle. We knew nothing about the food truck industry. But with some homework and trial and error, you live and learn. We had a successful food truck season last year. We built a great relationship with the event organizers and exceeded our expectations.

We recently decided to enter the CPG (consumer packaged goods) “lady snack meal” industry. We feel our products are the perfect social snacks for parties, tailgates, family gatherings and more. It’s been 6 months and going well. [The Chank’s website sells] 4 flavors frozen in 6 packs. Direct delivery and baked in your home oven!

BONJ: What can customers expect when ordering handheld snacks?

Erik: Expect a flavor explosion with every cone. We’ve always said, when you eat a slice of pizza, do you get the perfect amount of cheese, sauce, and dough combination in the first bite? No sauce or cheese. With our cones, you don’t have to worry about that. You can always get the perfect bite.

BONJ: What are the different types of foods that people can eat with corn today?

Erik: Frozen pre-filled cones include cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, philly cheesesteak and truffle chicken. (Buffalo His Chicken with Truffle Hot Sauce.) Customers can purchase each flavor in his 6-pack from our website or soon at your local grocery store. The famous Crab Cake Cone and Bacon, Egg and Cheese Cone will be released soon.

There are also catering-only options. Includes chicken parm, BBQ pulled pork, chicken fajitas, Caesar salad, and more.

BONJ: Please tell us about the sweets that will appear in the future.

Erik: These are still under construction. We may offer dessert corn, such as Nutella corn and cannoli corn, for trucks and catering. We plan to bring these to our e-commerce platform and sell them as frozen food.

BONJ: What kind of events does Chunk’s support?

Erik: We cater for all types of events, from small birthday parties to large corporate events. Recently catered for American Airlines. We offer ‘classic’ and ‘all you can eat’ options.

BONJ: Where can guests find your track this summer?

Erik: It can usually be found throughout the New Jersey and Philadelphia areas. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, this entire season has been suspended, or at least postponed until the fall.

BONJ: Where else can customers find your food?

Erik: You can also order directly from our website or Amazon. If you’re reading this article, you can get 20% off your purchase.; visit our website to place an order and enter BESTOFNJ20 at checkout! In the coming months, we will be able to deliver “made to order” products (usually delivered by truck) through major platforms in the Philadelphia area (Doordash, UberEats, Grubhub, Caviar).

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Top (Heroes) Photo: © Chank’s USA LLC
All other photos: © Patrick Lombardi / Best of NJ

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