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W.Affres may be the most underrated breakfast food because it’s the most dynamic. A breakfast staple with maple syrup and butter. Chicken and waffle lunch. Hearty dinners such as potato waffles and Belgian waffles. Today we spotlight Dan’s waffles. best new jersey food trucks.

When it comes to waffles, the options are endless. Waffle cones, waffle fries, waffle cookies, and even stroopwafels served on planes. In fact, it’s also a popular dessert topped with ice cream and a heaping dollop of whipped cream. Waffles are a side dish, full course or sweet treat after a meal. Former Executive Chef Daniel Hover is a master of all forms of waffles. He’s turning his expertise into a menu of specialty waffles at Food His Truck Dan’s His Waffles.

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After years of building trucks and crafting menus, Dan’s Waffles debuted in 2017. The truck’s menu has changed over the years, but his made-from-scratch waffles have never changed. best of new jersey We spoke with Daniel about his journey from executive chef to food truck driver and his passion for waffles.

Best of NJ Interview: Dan’s Waffles

dan and wife

BONJ: What made you come to New Jersey?

Daniel Hover: I went to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. Then I worked on ships for two years. He then took a job at a hotel in Manhattan, rising from sous chef to executive chef.

After that, I was interviewed for second place at Showboat in Atlantic City. I wasn’t hired, but the chef who was hired said: I can call you if you want it and it’s yours.

BONJ: What inspired you to start a food truck from there?

Daniel: I was a partner in Voorhees Seafood Restaurant. We were there for 18 years and my partner said he wanted to retire and I was exhausted by it too.I took some time off while her wife and I tried to think. what am i doing next? Then she surprised me.

BONJ: Where did waffles come from?

Daniel: I have always liked sweets. At my seafood restaurant, I made a coconut cream pie.was on best thing i ate Appears on the Food Network. I visited a little place in Manhattan that did Asian bubble waffles. I talked to some people from For those unsure, there are probably a few options. Actually, at the time, bubble waffles weren’t known around here.

waffle pan
BONJ: How was the first day of Dan’s Waffles?

Daniel: I still remember that the first day was Pennsauken’s 100th anniversary. We had the longest line and actually kept coming back after the event was over.they went home and came back for more food [laughs]It really was something.

BONJ: What other types of menus do you offer?

Daniel: It’s very wide now. That means it’s wider than most food trucks. I try to stick to the waffle theme. Because, of course, Belgian waffles are front and center. That’s our main item. It’s like a tribute to my mother, who was a pastry chef in Denmark. In fact, that’s the only difference from the traditional Belgian waffle recipe. Do not use Belgian pearl sugar, use Danish sugar. It’s a little small, but it doesn’t melt even at high temperatures. So instead of mixing sugar into the waffle, it becomes a traditional Belgian waffle. The raw dough is dipped in sugar and then baked on the outside. That’s why it looks so unique. When it comes out, it’s a little chewy from the sugar crystals. Really delicious.

BONJ: What do you think is the most popular item on your menu?

Daniel: Definitely chicken and waffles. That’s probably number one. They also have sweet waffles. Oreos More Waffles and Banana Foster Waffles are often requested. I had the pulled pork bbq on waffles and it was so popular it turned out to be really amazing. Just put coleslaw and pickles on the side. The sweet and sour saltiness and smoky flavor go great with Belgian waffles.

But then make a waffle cone with chicken sandwiched in multiple sauces. I am making a waffle bowl. I’ve had mac and cheese in it and topped it with chicken, BBQ pulled pork, or bacon. I also make some gourmet milkshakes. Kids are always a killer thanks to unicorn milkshakes. It has a candy twist and is topped with fruity pebbles. The rim of the glass is coated with chocolate he fudge and sprinkles, and the sides are drizzled with strawberry his syrup. Fill with a vanilla milkshake inside and top with colored marshmallows and Pocky sticks, and even edible butterflies. [laughs]I put a picture on the track. Every time a small child passes by, they go crazy.

chicken and waffles
BONJ: What do you think is the biggest learning curve from restaurant to food truck transportation?

Daniel: Every day, I think it’s setup and breakdown. When you’re in a restaurant it’s pretty much the same. I have a whole system for my setup and it’s pretty stable. At the food truck he has to bring everything in every day, sometimes twice a day. After a busy day, everyone thinks that at the end of the day all they have to do is go home. Well, we go home, unload everything, everything comes out and everything is sanitized.Then the next day everything starts all over again.

Also, one of the frustrating things I experience is mechanical issues. For me, generators are always an issue. It’s for our heating element. We have many heating elements. I have two very large generators and it’s not as simple as a restaurant business. Just plug something into the wall and you’re good to go. Here the power can be cut off at any time.And when it happens you’re just trying to survive [laughs].

What I really have to say is friendship with other truck drivers. If you get stuck, many other truck drivers are happy to help. For example, there was a big event in Vineland and the generator failed. The organizer of the event was talking on a walkie-talkie and was letting someone else know that Waffles was leaving. Another vendor overheard her and informed her that there was an additional generator in the back of her truck. Then they came to my rescue and said, “If you want it for the day, it’s yours.”

We were back in our space again, plugged in, and were able to work for the day. This is all thanks to the generosity of other vendors.

BBQ pulled pork waffle
BONJ: Do you have catering options?

Daniel: Yes, it is. We also accept banquets for 50 people or more, so we can customize everything according to your request. The largest so far was about 800 people. Again, everything is custom only based on your personal needs and budget.

And I have such a diverse menu that there are just too many factors. Do you want a dessert, a main dish, or both? I am striving to Almost all done.

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All photos: © Patrick Lombardi / Best of NJ

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