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MeYou can’t get more “New Jersey” than what this Garden State food truck has to offer. Jersey Rolls brings you exactly what hungry patrons expect when they hear the word “roll” in New Jersey. Juicy and delicious pork roll. A simple concept, but ultimately worth attending. best new jersey food trucks.

Jersey Roll was founded by two childhood friends from Southern New Jersey, John Fels and Bobby O’Donnell. Both are well versed in construction and landscaping, but their entrepreneurial spirit has given way to new ideas. We both love to cook, so the decision to share our favorite dishes with others in New Jersey was an easy one.

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what are their plans? just to “wing it”. Ultimately, that drastic approach paid off. Fels and O’Donnell’s top-notch traditional pork rolls are a hit. In fact, in just two years, the Jersey Roll has made great strides in the New Jersey culinary industry.

In 2018, Jersey Roll opened a physical store on the north side of the Seaside Heights Boardwalk. He then introduced his second food truck in 2019. As a result, they attend twice as many events as him throughout the year. In addition, the popular Hook He Bar & Grill in Seaside Heights also serves food. But for Fels and O’Donnell, this is just the beginning.

Co-owner Fels best of new jersey Recently, I’ll be sharing my jersey roll journey so far.

Best New Jersey Food Trucks: A Jersey Roll Interview

egg and cheese pork roll

Best of NJ: You and Bobby have been friends since t-ball. Talk about your friendship and how it affects your jersey roll.

John Fels: Yes, elementary school, middle school, and high school together. It was really cool to be able to do this. Because when I went to college, we went our separate ways. He had a construction business and I had a landscaping business.

About 4 or 5 years ago my wife and I started going to food truck events. And we got the urge to do it ourselves too. I didn’t have a concept at first, but the idea for a pork roll came to me. Because this is my daily breakfast. I will cook this. we grew up with this. The shop I stop by every morning is “pork buns, eggs and cheese” [laughs]So we said ‘Let’s do it’ and started a food truck based on that. We figured there were enough people in New Jersey who loved pork rolls.

So two years ago we started with one truck. Then that winter we bought his second truck, built it, and just started this year.

cook on the grill

BONJ: What’s so appealing about pork rolls? Why are so many New Jerseyers, myself included, so intrigued?

John: it’s a taste. and flavor. It’s everything you want in the morning.A little too much bacon at times, a little too much pork roll Somethingand easy to eat in the morning. The egg and cheese are a perfect match. And with the sandwiches we (Jersey Rolls) make, we’ve taken it to a whole other level.

BONJ: What kind of items do you offer on the track?

John: There is a standard pork roll egg and cheese. Then came up with a breaded pork roll with melted provolone and marinara called Dirty Italian. We call it Dirty Pig. These are tater tots topped with melted cheese and pork rolls. Next, make a Jersey Burger with Burger, Pork Roll, Egg and Cheese. Jersey tropics with pork rolls and pineapple tossed in barbecue sauce. Finally, there is the pork roll cordon bleu. Chicken tenders and pork rolls topped with cheese sauce.

BONJ: Which one is the most popular?

John: Pork rolls, eggs and cheese are the best. Pork rolls, tater tots and mozzarella stick fat sandwiches are also popular. Then Dirty His Italian Sandwich actually won an award last year at Monmouth Park.

fat sandwich

BONJ: Jersey rolls have come a long way in a short period of time. What was it like and how much have you learned since starting the track?

John: Oh so much. So it was such a learning experience. A food truck he is one animal and a store is a completely different animal. We really enjoy our food trucks. Bob and I still run our food truck. Because I love attending events.

Depending on the weather and crowds, so-so events may be held. And learn that it’s part of the business. But there are still many great events to come. I love seeing people enjoying our food across the state.

Bob and I love having people from outside our area come to the track. They ask us, “What is a pork roll?” And we explain it to them. Some people say they’ve never had a pork roll in their life. Have to try it. you know what?you came to the right place [laughs].

That’s what those of us who live in New Jersey take for granted. We are so used to eating it every morning. But for those who come here to try it for the first time, it’s a great experience.

food truck festival

BONJ: You guys offer several different catering packages. Please give us an overview and what types of events you can cater for.

John: It was kind of a niche that fell in there for us. It’s a big hit. There are many people at the wedding. Their present when they’re out the door is a food truck pork roll egg and cheese.

We also hold events such as birthday parties. There is usually a minimum number of 60 people. Overall, a wedding is a really good sweet spot for us.

Details of our catering packages are available online. We usually do three main things. One is basic and you can choose from 1 or 2 sandwiches. The other is 3/4 of the menu and the third catering package offers the full menu.

BONJ: Please tell us about your shop. Do you mainly gather people for breakfast?

John: we get gigantic breakfast crowd. It’s a cozy little breakfast nook with a small dining area that seats about 18. It’s not a huge storefront, but people keep learning about us and keep coming back. Next, Fuchs has a late-night crowd. It usually doesn’t get crowded until around 9pm at night.

BONJ: Where can food lovers find you online?

John: Our Facebook page is The Jersey Roll. We also have an Instagram and website.

Pork roll cordon bleu

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