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T.Jersey Shore-based food truck Tacoholics got its first engine refresh in 2016. Original co-owners and childhood friends Nicholas DeAngelo, Robert Bruno and Louis Raccuglia shared a common love for tacos. As friends and business partners, they are committed to creating their own unique menu. The high quality of the ingredients and sauces that Tacoholics is now proud of, best new jersey food trucks.

No longer just a food truck, Tacoholics now has five brick-and-mortar locations, including a Manasquan seasonal location. (You can also find them at Toms River, Brick, Point Pleasant, and Red Bank.) Along the way, the business acquired two more partners, Steven Bruno and Ryan Gazarek. They work tirelessly to improve Tachoholic’s truck and brand.

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The truck’s menu includes fan-favorite tacos with all the ingredients and signature sauces. Meanwhile, the restaurant offers an extensive menu with its own tacos, burritos, bowls, salads, quesadillas, nachos, and more.

best of new jersey We spoke with co-owner Nick DeAngelo to discuss Tacoholics’ trucks, restaurants, and all they have to offer.

Bang Bang and General Tso
Bang Bang and General Tso Tacos

Best New Jersey Food Trucks: Tacoholics Interview

Best of NJ: Did you grow up together?

Nick D’Angelo: As of 2021, we actually have 5 partners. Initially, it started with me, Rob Bruno and Lou Lakglia, as we call ourselves the “Founding Fathers”. Lou was in his 6th grade class of mine and I also met Rob on his 6th grade wrestling team. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe Lou and Rob went to elementary school together. Lou and I were friends all the way through high school and into college. Towards the end of college, we all started hanging out together as a group. Steve and Ryan (his two other partners) are three years younger than us. Steve is Rob’s younger brother and Ryan is one of his best friends. They were our first full-time employees and have become our partners through their efforts.

BONJ: What inspired you to start the food truck business?

Nick: In 2015, Rob, Lou, and I took a trip to Florida right after college. We found that during the short time we were there, we actually ate tacos every day, and those of us who were bankrupt fresh out of college felt we could build a taco truck for him. And eventually it will migrate to more stores. Unfortunately it wasn’t that easy. All the banks laughed at us and said our idea would not work.

But we were relentless and kept stepping into the gas. A friend from college contacted me and finally closed the deal. (Shoutout to Jordan!) His father-in-law made a deal that he would sell us the truck and pay him monthly until it paid off. Rob manages to get a $10,000 credit card approval and boom. We wrapped the truck and Tacoholics was born. We were playing with fire and had no start-up capital at all, but our attitudes and mindsets never changed. rice field. Right place, right name, right time, right food! Everyone loves tacos!

Line of Tacoholics food trucks
BONJ: What role does each play in Tacoholics?

Nick: Everyone has different roles in this business, so it’s hard to pinpoint their role. You can catch Rob at the Brick Store. Lou at the Point Pleasant Store. Ryan of Toms and steve whereverYou can also find one of the five of us in the truck all the time. Because that’s where it all started.

BONJ: What can customers expect when they order your tacos?

Nick: Our recommended way to eat is “truck style”. Also prepare the special sauce. It always hurts our feelings when people don’t try sauces. They enhance our food in so many ways and are recommended for a reason!

BONJ: What are your guests’ favorite truck tacos?

Nick: It depends on the day you ask it! Bang Shrimp is our overall bestseller. Southwest Beef is a game changer, and Honey Chipotle and Crack BBQ have been staples since day one. Coconut shrimp and fried avocado are very popular. General Tso has won several awards and Buffalo never disappoints. Sorry truck he named the entire menu. It’s too hard to choose just one!

honey chipotle chicken tacos
honey chipotle chicken tacos
BONJ: When did Tacoholics start taking off?

Nick: To be honest, I feel like our business is just getting off to a good start and we’re just scratching the surface. For anyone interested in becoming an entrepreneur, remember this one lesson from him: Invest in people, they make your product great. One person cannot do it all. Our staff are the reason why our business can continuously move forward.

Nick: Yes! Trucks only serve tacos and occasionally chips and salsa. We also offer burritos, burrito bowls, salads, quesadillas, guac and queso.

BONJ: What catering options do Tacoholics offer?

Nick: Our food truck catering consists of us coming to you for hours and serving you the best tacos you’ve ever had. You only have yourself! We do many weddings, after-wedding parties, birthdays, and private work events.

taco menu

Our in-store catering is a taco bar. The burrito box also allows you to pre-roll your favorite type of burrito. All orders come with chips and salsa. We also accept direct delivery as long as catering is possible! If you have any questions, please fill out the food truck/catering form on our website.

BONJ: Where do guests usually find your truck during spring and summer?

Nick: We are currently booking a number of private events. But Chester and Sewell have Taco Palooza and Sussex has he NJ Taco Festival. In addition to Meadowlands Racetrack, BaconFest and more,

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General Tso's Chicken Tacos
General Tso’s Chicken Tacos

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