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S.Years ago, friends Andrew Agostinacchio and David Langhurst quit their corporate careers and started working in food trucks. Together they are the founders of Twisted Steaks, a food truck that specializes in cheesesteaks.And the latest mobile eateries to join our list best new jersey food trucks.

Both Andrew and David are true foodies and go on food adventures to cities like Philadelphia, Manhattan and Las Vegas. But it was their passion for cheesesteak that got them into business together as his one of Central Jersey’s favorite tracks. Twisted Steaks now offers its own cheesesteaks not only in New Jersey, but also in New York and Pennsylvania.

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Based in Ocean County, New Egypt, the duo drive two trucks, but this is no ordinary cheesesteak truck. In fact, Twisted Steaks are a combination of cheaply shaved ribeye and soft, twisted pretzel buns. A unique pairing that will get you in line in no time. Of course, the truck offers several different types of cheesesteaks, including chicken.

They also offer waffle fries including their signature ‘loaded waffle fries’ in a huge bowl. These fries are topped with steak or chicken, maple-glazed bacon, and melty cheese. Other options include cheesesteak egg rolls and dumplings.

Check out the interview below. best of new jersey Talk to Andrew about the origins and menu of Twisted Steaks.

Best New Jersey Food Truck Interview: Twisted Steak

cheese steak options

Best of New Jersey: Before we get into the food, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Andrew Agostinacchio: David Langhurst and I met when our daughters, now 25, started kindergarten. We have been friends ever since. David’s career was in IT, and mine was in corporate dining management.

BONJ: What inspired you to start a food truck?

Andrew: Definitely a passion for food and great ideas, and our desire to leave corporate America.

BONJ: Do you still work full time on weekdays?

Andrew: I work full time at Twisted Steaks.

BONJ: Where did you get the idea for cheesesteaks in pretzel buns?

Andrew: Let’s say it’s a trip to Las Vegas and everything that happens there has something to do with it.

waffle fries
waffle fries
BONJ: Besides pretzel buns, what sets your cheesesteak apart?

Andrew: The praise we receive is as much about the taste of our cheesesteaks as it is about the wonderful combination of cheesesteaks and pretzels.

Andrew: Original cheese steak pretzel.

BONJ: What else do you have on your track?

Andrew: There are several variations of cheesesteak pretzels. Bacon cheese steak pretzels are also very popular. Hearty waffle fries and cheesesteak egg rolls are served with a highly requested homemade dipping sauce.

Andrew: The core menu has not changed. We provide themed menu items for events, but the original menu remains the same.

cooking cheese steak
BONJ: What catering packages/options do you offer?

Andrew: There are three options for onsite catering. Guests choose how many items they want to serve.

BONJ: Where can I have Twisted Steak this summer?

Andrew: We have two trucks that travel from New York City to Pennsylvania. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for event locations. We love our work and are so happy to share it.

For more information on Twisted Steaks, click here to visit their website.

Cheesesteak closeup

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All photos: © Patrick Lombardi / Best of NJ

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