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worldYou rarely see chicken wings at gourmet food trucks.Of course, if you’re a wing fanatic like me, you probably already know this. There’s one truck that can satisfy that: Chick Wings & Things. Their delicious take on chicken wings is the reason they join our list. Best NJ food truck.

Chick Wings & Things owners Karen and Rockeem Magbie met in New York City about 15 years ago. Born and raised in Scotland, Karen immigrated to the United States in 1993. She came to the state to work as her nanny, but she had no intention of staying. But her culture and her love of the Northeastern landscape kept her here. Rockem, on the other hand, lived on the Lower East Heside in downtown Manhattan. Before he became an official New Jersey citizen, he drove a bus and worked at the post office.

Chickwings & Things Food Truck

Shortly after dating, the couple moved to New Jersey with the intention of starting their own business.Before Chick Wings & Things, their first business was called K&R Hamburgers & Hot Dogs. Despite having no formal training, the two form a strong team. Likewise, our first foray into food service gave us the culinary experience to launch our current food truck concept.

Chick Wings & Things allows the Magbies to hone their passion. The couple drives their truck full time, servicing events and parties all over New Jersey. With frequent help from their 6 daughters and others, they serve some of the best wings I have ever eaten.

to learn their stories best of new jersey We talked with Magby about all things chick wings. Check out the full interview below!

Best NJ Food Trucks: Chick Wings & Things Interview

Chick Wings & Things Menu Options

Best of NJ: When did you start Chick Wings & Things?

Rockem Magby: We started our food truck in 2011. his first four years all.

Karen Magby: The menu was insane. From burgers to cheesesteaks to gyros.

Rockem: And we sell it every day. Then another food truck told me I had to come up with a theme. Someone told us that if we dedicate ourselves to this, we will succeed.

So everyone was asking us to cook chicken wings for Super Bowl events and such. Love Wings, that’s what we decided to make. So we started Wing, and it just took off—like the last five years.

menu photo

BONJ: What inspired you to start a food truck?

Karen: my [first] My husband actually passed away on September 11, 2001. And he is a chef, his goal was to open a restaurant, a pizzeria. If he was alive, I think he would love the whole concept of this food truck. But I guess that’s sort of why I went that route.

I really wanted to do a store, but Rockeem wanted a food truck. There was some kind of tug-of-war, but we eventually settled on food trucks. Because he felt it wouldn’t cost him anything to get things going. And he’s glad he chose the track. Because so far meeting new people has been a great experience. I love it.

BONJ: How would you describe today’s track?

Karen: I don’t want to say we are unique, but no one else actually makes wings.

Rockem: Well, when we started, I think there was only one other wing truck. it was in the city.

Karen: Rockem makes all their sauces in house.

Rockem: And we are trying to stick to the chicken theme. Everything has chicken.So everyone knows what they’re getting when they come to us — they’re going to get the chicken [laughs].

buffalo chicken sliders

BONJ: What’s the difference between Chick Wings and Things and other tracks?

Rockem: I honestly think it’s the sauce. As mentioned, all sauces are homemade.we think a lot and love [laughs]— We hope you see that in our source. And I think another key to our success is speed. We are trying to publish everything as soon as possible, within a minute if possible. Pacing — that’s the key.

BONJ: Do you always serve the same chicken wings sauce in your truck, or are there seasonal flavors?

Rockem: Tracks always serve the same source. We have Buffalo, Citrus BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, Garlic Lemon Pepper, Teriyaki, and Spicy Orange.

Karen: I think garlic palm and buffalo are the two most popular sauces. We always receive a lot of orders for events.

BONJ: Other than chicken wings, what are your favorite menu items?

Rockem: I think it’s a pulled chicken slider. It’s a big hit. Also, people love homemade chili. They love digging into their fries to get extra meat. Their expressions when they see the presentation are the best.

cooking in the kitchen

BONJ: Please tell us about the catering you offer.

Karen: We really enjoy catering. We host all types of events, including graduation parties, weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, and Super Bowl parties.

Rockem: You name it, we are there.

Karen: And we travel far. I’ve been from Wildwood to Connecticut. Also, everything the truck offers is available for catering events.

BONJ: Where can I find you online?

Karen: We have Facebook and Instagram where food lovers can keep up to date with their trucks.

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