Best New Jersey Food Trucks: Kiersten’s Creations

W.When most people see a school bus, they think of homework, tests, or research papers. But the hot pink rig with the sign “Kiersten’s Creations” completely flips the script. Instead of picking up school kids, this bus will hand out ice cream, cookies, brownies, mousses, cheesecakes, popsicles, floats and coffee. Among other sweet treats.

Kiersten’s Creations is new to the food truck scene, but it’s already one of them. best new jersey food trucksThe truck is owned and operated by sweet tooth Kiersten Connor, a native of Monmouth County and a culinary school graduate. Kiersten started catering desserts before purchasing his food truck and now drives around New Jersey.

best of new jersey met with Kirsten to discuss her experiences, goals, and her undeniable sweet tooth that inspired her to open her own dessert truck.

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Best of NJ: When and where did you go to culinary school?

Kirsten Conner: I have been to the Culinary Institute of America since August 2016. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Baking and Pastry, and later completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Business Management.

BONJ: Where did the idea for the food truck come from?

Kirsten: When I was 12, I saw a box truck for sale on the side of the road. Me and her mom were talking about it and she said, ‘One day we should open a dessert truck. I fell in love with the idea and it never went away. When I was doing my associate’s degree in college, I bought a truck and my family refurbished it.

I got a job at age 12 and started saving.refreshed the soccer match [laughs]the only job a 12-year-old can really do.

BONJ: Going back to your childhood, why did you decide to specialize in desserts?

Kirsten: I have a big sweet tooth.i can’t say anything else [laughs]I was like a junk food junkie. As you know, Halloween: I loved it. Went for candy only. Dressing up is never fun. I just wanted candy.Carlo’s Bakery cake boss Starting off, it piqued my interest.

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BONJ: What year did you start making Kiersten’s work?

Kirsten: We started our food truck in early 2021, but prior to that we had been catering for years. While I was in school, I was catering for holidays, but in 2019, I started catering in earnest.

BONJ: What kind of catering were you doing at the time?

Kirsten: The most popular are cheesecake and chocolate mousse. That’s why it’s the basis of our dessert truck now. Lots of cupcakes and cookies, biscotti and brownies, pastries of all kinds.

BONJ: So what kind of items do you offer in your truck?

Kirsten: Cheesecake, chocolate mousse, baked goods, ice cream sandwiches and sundaes. And we always throw in fun items. I like to keep things fresh and let my creative side shine.

For example, Laurita Winery’s fall event features mini cupcakes and coconut macaroons. And in the spring and summer, we make all our frozen popsicles from scratch. There are various flavors of popsicles and more.

BONJ: What was your first full season at Kiersten’s Creations like?

Kirsten: It was a lot more time than I could have imagined and honestly a lot more fun. I met the most wonderful people. Everyone is so nice and supportive of each other. We really are like family and it’s been the most fun and most rewarding job ever.

When I quote someone I work with, he always says, “We are in the smile industry.”and we really [laughs]We are always there to make people happy.

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BONJ: What is your most popular item?

Kirsten: The most popular cheesecake is strawberry shortcake cheesecake. And then there’s the peanut butter chocolate mousse that people really love. You can freely combine baked goods with vanilla ice cream in between. You can also sandwich ice cream between brownies and funfetti cookies. The cookies are always fresh and soft, so you can always try something a little different.

BONJ: What catering options do you offer?

Kirsten: You can do it with or without a bus. You can order directly by email, or by phone, text, Instagram, or whatever you prefer. Whether it’s corporate events, weddings, post-weddings, birthday parties, holiday menus, we can cater for your private party. You can also come by truck.

Our order is entirely dessert, but not limited to my usual items. Love We can prepare a special dessert, such as topping s’mores on mousse or making special items.

BONJ: Where can I find you?

Kirsten: I have a “Find Me” page on my website that updates as soon as I book a public event. But I hope to come back to Laurita (the winery) often. I like this place very much. We show some figures in the north. I also go to wine events. we are everywhere.we travel all over new jersey [laughs].

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All photos: © Patrick Lombardi / Best of NJ

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