Big Purple Dot uses ChatGPT for AI-powered customer support

The use cases for AI-powered chatbots continue to grow. big purple dot (BPD), a mortgage and real estate customer relationship management (CRM) and recruitment solutions company in Irvine, CA, announced this week that it will integrate ChatGPT into its CRM ecosystem.

According to Big Purple Dot, the company was one of the first CRM companies in the mortgage industry to integrate the ChatGPT API into its marketing platform.

Big Purple Dot CEO and Founder Roxana Davidoff said in a statement:

The goal of the new BPD AI Assistant is to use AI-powered technology to improve customer satisfaction, lead generation, and operational efficiency for Big Purple Dot’s clients.

With this integration, ChatGPT will interact with clients and use natural language processing (NLP) to streamline the sales process. This will allow you to understand the questions asked by your clients and respond in a more “human-like” way.

“Integrating ChatGPT into our CRM platform will revolutionize the way loan officers, realtors and recruiters interact with their clients,” said Davidoff. “Natural language processing capabilities enable our users to provide fast and accurate responses to our clients, giving us more time to focus on building relationships and closing more deals.”

According to BPD, chatbots also utilize deep learning techniques to ensure that they generate conversational and accurate responses to user queries.

The BPD AI Assistant is also used for many additional functions, such as managing teams by facilitating sales and communications coaching, and helping navigate sales disputes in response towards dispute management. can.

The integration is now available for all Big Purple Dot clients, including beta clients on the BPD Recruit platform, the company said. The official release date is set for April 30th.

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