Bill suggests delaying start times for New Jersey high schools so students can get more sleep

The State Capitol is working on a later start time to prepare high school students to return to school.

The proposed bill could affect thousands of students across New Jersey.

If the bill is passed, state-funded public and charter high schools would have to delay their start times.

Some districts have delayed start times, including Princeton High School.

One student says she feels more alert and alert because she gets more sleep.

She wakes up at 7:45am, before the 8:20am start time.

The head of school counseling services said the start time was delayed thanks to the cooperation of community partners.

Some students who participate in after-school sports finish classes early. A staggered start will encourage more students to take advantage of after-school care options.

The first delayed start was in 2018, according to the head of school counseling services. She said there was a noticeable difference, with her student attendance record increasing by 37%.

She applauds the school district for helping students get the eight hours of sleep they need.

The New Jersey Legislature is expected to resume session in mid-September.

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