Billionaire Real Estate Investing in America and Spain

After the health crisis is over world real estate market Resuming the path of development, today top 200 players Who controls global real estate investment? $9 trillion in two specific markets, the United States and Europe.”

that’s how he exposed it Mariano Capellino, Insert. CEO ofin his presentation genuine article Estates: a global vision and the right market, and he added: Clearly, Germany and the UK have received the most investment due to their size, with France and Spain having far more flow injections than the other countries.

with reference to Mexico situation In this context, Capellino argues that large investors Arrivals start in 2024The usual, “latin americaThose that have been doing the right thing for years, will continue to do so for years to come, will receive 1% of the world’s investment.

“There was no capital injection from developed countries. stimulation very weak, while political and social crisis In many countries, on top of the cost of debt that doesn’t raise interest rates, it hits the economy all the time. We expect the challenges to continue for at least the next two years.

Real estate competitiveness is a bond that doesn’t cover inflation. Real estate retains its value over the long term and allows for substantial returns. That is, the income generated by income from real estate is substantial. It protects you from inflation, Capellino said.

outpacing inflation

Experts said they historically prefer certain markets before investing assess the market“I have an easy recipe Rent income comparison versus interest rate, and today, among all cases, are negative in the United States. So we think the market will cool down a bit. In fact, there are already indicators for this. “

And he adds: Rates are still very low and this increases the chances of you being able to: very attractive return Not only about invested capital, but also about loans taken.For example, I saw this last year Spain 10% increase A slight increase (around single digits) despite higher rates, but also due to the effects of the war in Europe.

The company’s vision is Low fee Continued strengthening in some markets, mainly in Europe real estate This is because interest rates are well below inflation.

of Mid-term/Long-term Assuming interest rates are stable and rising First half of 2023 Then, depending on the performance of the economy and the moderation of inflation. They expect growth to stabilize, and perhaps in late 2023 or 2024, cutbacks could be made to re-stimulate the economy and markets.

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