Bloom County Land Bank Announces First Renovated Homes for 2022

Broome County Land Bank’s first renovated and sold property of the year. (Phoebe Taylor-Vuolo/WSKG)

Last week, the Broome County Land Bank announced the first refurbished properties to come up for sale in 2022.

The Land Bank is in the process of repairing approximately a dozen properties on the county’s tax foreclosure list. The homes are then sold to low- and middle-income residents at low prices.

The recently announced single-family homes are on the north side of Binghamton. It was refurbished using $2 million in federal stimulus funds from the US Relief Plans Act and grants from the Land Bank’s Community Revitalization Initiative (CRI) program. The city also funded the project with his $100,000.

This home is the fourth property Randbank has renovated as part of its affordable housing program.

First District Action Committee Chairman Reverend Henry Orsby. (Phoebe Taylor-Vuolo/WSKG)

“When the land bank acquired [the home], It was a two-family house. The layout of the house was very odd, unsuitable for a two-family home, and non-compliant with regulations,” said Landbank Executive Director Jessica Haas.

The First Ward Action Council partnered with Land Bank to renovate the home. Rev. Henry Orsby of the 1st Ward Action Council said it would be a great home for local families.

“Some may ask how one home can make a difference. For families who end up in this home, it’s not just safe here. It’s not just decent. It’s a beautiful home.” ‘ said Osby.

Binghamton Mayor Jared Craham said the property may have been run down or purchased by an absentee landlord. (Phoebe Taylor-Vuolo/WSKG)

Binghamton Mayor Jared Craham said without land banks, many properties would be vacant or owned by absentee landlords.

“We don’t do that in Binghamton. We’re taking these [properties] See them as an opportunity to not only provide safe, quality, affordable housing and inspire someone to build a future and raise a family here, but also to support our neighborhood environment,” said Craham. Told.

The 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom property is listed for $95,000. Residents interested in this home can visit the Broome County Land Bank website for eligibility details.

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