Bloomingdale’s Debuts Virtual Store During New York Fashion Week

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  • Alongside other retailers and brands developing virtual shopping experiences, Bloomingdale’s has tapped virtual reality technology developer Emperia to create a virtual store for its 150th anniversary, it said Thursday. According to a press release.
  • The virtual store showcases products from Polo Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, David Yurman and other luxury brands. According to the announcement, visitors to the virtual store will be able to watch videos showcasing how Bloomingdale’s has changed over time, play games, access exclusive anniversary-themed collections and more. You can
  • The retailer will feature a virtual store during New York Fashion Week as part of an anniversary campaign, and will continue to celebrate the anniversary with other events across the country featuring designer and exclusive merchandise.

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In addition to Bloomingdale’s, Emperia said in a press release that it’s also creating virtual stores for companies like Getty Images, Christie’s, Burberry and Dior. And some retailers say they are creating their own virtual stores as part of their omnichannel strategy.

“Bloomingdale’s is honored to have chosen to partner with Emperia as it celebrates its 150th anniversary, highlighting its historic achievements and its contribution to the fashion world with its unique retail approach. Highlighting its continued footprint in the fashion industry, it continues to push the boundaries of innovation and is an example of how cutting-edge technology is used to create highly engaging and memorable online shopping experiences.” Emperia said in a statement.

Other brands are experimenting with virtual stores as well, the most popular being platforms like Roblox. Last December, Forever 21 Forever 21 Shop City Announced, a virtual Roblox experience that allows users to create and manage their own store while competing for the “Top Shop” spot. Luxury brand after creating Gucci Garden at Roblox in May 2021 We created a new digital space on Roblox A year later, users were able to create art there, browse the exhibition space, purchase digital Gucci items, and communicate with each other.

But as brands flock to platforms like Roblox to create immersive online experiences and profit from virtual goods, experts warn brands should. Be careful how you interact with underage users on the platform. moreover, Recent Forrester Reports predicts that consumers will have access to immersive online shopping experiences ten years from now, virtual shopping experiences allow consumers to easily move digital goods from one online environment to another. It is not possible to move yet.

Just as Roblox attracts brands looking to build immersive online experiences, so do other platforms like network released Multiple AR shopping tools for brands In May, they added Snapchat’s AR trial tools within their app, allowing them to generate AR assets with product photos.

In addition to opening a virtual store, Bloomingdale’s is also experimenting with another brick-and-mortar concept called Bloomies. Bloomingdale’s July 2021 Announcing Bloomyis a small store with technology that connects customers with in-store stylists who can find products from nearby Bloomingdale locations.

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