Board finds SD governor abused power for daughter’s real estate license

Governor Christy Noem (Getty)

Governor Christy Noem (Getty)

The state’s Ethics Commission found enough evidence to take “appropriate action” against the governor of South Dakota for intervening in her daughter’s application to become a real estate appraiser.

Three former judges who make up South Dakota’s Government Accountability Commission said that when their daughter, Cassidy Peters, was given a third chance to earn her real estate appraiser’s license, Gov. I discovered that there is a possibility that The committee also referred another complaint regarding Noem’s use of state planes to the state attorney general for investigation.

After an hour-long meeting, the board unanimously begins a process that will allow a hearing of the contested case, with Noem, a Republican re-elected this year, having the opportunity to publicly defend the allegations. I voted for

In 2020, after the national agency denied Peters’ application for an appraiser license, Noem called a meeting with his daughter, the secretary of labor and the director of the appraiser certification program for another chance to show Peters what he could do. We discussed plans to give. Meets federal standards in her evaluation work.

Sherry Bullen, who was executive director of the State Appraiser’s Office at the time, told the legislative committee that she felt “intimidated” at the meeting at the governor’s mansion.

Bren, who was pressured to retire from the governor’s administration after a few months, testified that the state’s treatment of Peters’ application was unusual, as her refusal was the result of her job deficiencies.

Noem spokesperson Ian Fury told the outlet that the board’s actions “do not follow state law or precedent.”

“They have yet to point to a single statute that the governor violated in any of these complaints,” Fury said in a statement.

Former Republican Attorney General Jason Ravensborg, who was a Republican and was impeached and removed from office after killing a man in a car accident, filed a complaint against Noem, who was later fired, but she should face backlash. said.

“Governor Noem should be fully investigated for his abuse of power in obtaining his daughter’s appraiser’s license,” Ravnsborg said in a statement. He also said she “should be charged with criminally using state resources for her personal gain.”

— Victoria Pruitt

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