Bozeman Health Institute and Belgrade Clinic not closed despite reports

BOZEMAN — At Bozeman Health, staffing shortages and financial difficulties that have resulted in the loss of 28 full-time employees have generated a lot of concern from patients. Other news outlets are reporting that his clinic in Belgrade has been suspended and the lab on North 19th Street has closed, but that’s not true, according to chief nursing officer Diane Patterson.

‘It’s temporarily closed because we’re renovating the adjacent space. It’s not really closed,’ Patterson said.

When Bozeman Health decided to lay off 28 full-time employees, many expressed concern that laboratories and clinics would close due to staff shortages.

One area of ​​concern was the lab on North 19th Street. Patterson says the lab isn’t closed. They are expanding the lab to add more services.

Patterson said, “We are in the middle of construction to secure space for crisis management.

Another concern is that the Belgrade Clinic has been “suspended”. The clinic had to temporarily close to figure out its schedule after laying off employees who did not specialize in direct patient care. Patterson said the clinic is back to normal business hours.

“I think we are all used to having to adapt to certain closures because of the pandemic until we have enough team members to serve,” she said.

Bozeman Health is currently considering hiring 487 direct patient care employees. More nurses are applying for jobs at Bozeman Health than ever before, Patterson said. They are doing everything they can to recruit more nurses.

“We’re getting more nursing students here,” says Patterson. “We are also increasing the number of nurse training programs.”

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