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Lewistown — Imagine being hungry and fighting for your country. Ukrainian soldiers are doing just that in the Donbass region, which is located on the far eastern side of the country.

“Without any warning, Ukraine was attacked and, despite all odds, they are still fighting for their country months later.” Fundraising organizer Jenny Landis said: “But there are few supply lines from the army, and there are starving soldiers on the front lines.”

Landis learned about this from Oksana DeArment, a Lewistown woman from Ukraine. Her family lives in the westernmost part of the country away from much of the fighting, but her brother-in-law is on the front lines. is not around.

Oksana’s sister sent him a box with non-perishable food. Located in the west and close to the borders of NATO countries, it is easy for her husband and fellow soldiers to find what they need.

Donors who support this initiative will receive a rubber bracelet in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.The words embossed on the bracelet are “Peace for Ukraine” One side is Ukrainian and the other side has the same sentiment.

Collections take place at the East End Coffee Co. in Lewistown, The Crooked Shelf Bookshop and the Historic Courthouse. This fundraiser will continue until a contributor has won all the bracelets.

Send questions to [email protected] or call Landis at (717) 248-8078.

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