Brampton realtor, media personality attacked in driveway

Famous Brampton, Ontario. The real estate agent and media personality is recovering in hospital after being assaulted in the driveway of his home last week.

After Joti Singh Mann got into his car, three masked men brandished weapons and attacked him. Peel Police said the attack occurred around 8:30 a.m. on Aug. 4. They were immediately called to the scene.

Brampton City Councilman Garpreet Dillon told CBC Toronto that he spoke with the victims and their families on Tuesday.

“He’s fine now and they’re looking forward to a police investigation to find out who the culprit is,” Dillon said.

WARNING: This video contains graphic images that viewers may find disturbing

Brampton realtor, media personality attacked

WARNING: This video contains graphic images that viewers may find disturbing

In video of the attack obtained by CBC Toronto, Mann can be seen entering a white Jeep Rubicon before three men suddenly approach. is dragged out and into the back of the car and beaten with a weapon.

Mann was seriously injured, Dillon said.

“He had lacerations all over his body,” he added. “He had severe cuts and injuries on his hands. Muscle problems, bone bruises as well.”

Dillon said one of Mann’s big toes was also surgically amputated later in the day.

Peel police officers told CBC Toronto on Wednesday that they are actively investigating the case.

Attack came days after threatening phone call

The city councilman said the attack took place after Mann received a threatening phone call three days ago.

Dillon could not provide details of the threat, but said Mann had already called the police.

Dillon said the attack rocked Brampton’s Punjabi community.

“I think people are pretty upset,” he said. “I’ve spoken to some residents and they say they look over their shoulders in the morning when they go to work.”

He said he believed the police would successfully investigate and find the attacker.

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