Brenda Lucas: Community News on Saturday, August 27 | Features/Entertainment

80th: Jim Curry hits milestone on Sunday, August 28th at age 80. May this birthday party find much happiness, love, good health, happy memories, and many blessings to come as they leave the 70’s behind and try out this new number.

Goodbye: Goodbye is being said to two prominent community leaders. Maurice and Diane Mufson move to Oak Park, Illinois. Dr. Mufson, known as “Morley”, is the founder of the medical school at Marshall University’s Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine and has served as Professor Emeritus and President Emeritus since 2002. He has won awards in infectious diseases/research, was a visiting scientist in the Department of Virology at the Karolinska Institute for Medical Research, Stockholm, Sweden, and participated in other activities. Diane, better known as “Deedee”, is a psychologist specializing in general psychology, a frequent columnist for The Herald-Dispatch, member of various clubs, and more. Their many talents will be missed and we wish this medical duo every success in their new endeavors and fields.

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