Brett Goldstein only had two weeks to train for his Marvel debut as Hercules: ‘I’m doing 400 push-ups’ on filming day


Brett Goldstein received a call to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Hercules just two weeks before filming was required.


Goldstein’s top-secret role as Hercules wasn’t announced until after he appeared in a post-credits scene in Thor: Love and Thunder.


The actor said the call to join Marvel came “literally out of the blue one night.”


They turned around and said, ‘It’s Hercules. That is you. And I said, “What?” Like, “Are you serious? Are you fucking with me? Is this a twist?” said Goldstein. “Well, it was as surprising to me as it was to others.”


The actor continued, “When I talked to Dahua, he said, ‘I’m basically like a skinny comedian, right?'” I said, “When is this shoot?” rice field. It was like two weeks after him and it was like, “I mean, I’m going to try my best, but for two weeks…” And look, that day, I mean, I’m doing 400 push-ups that day. I did everything I could that day. “


Goldstein’s role was so top secret that he didn’t even tell his parents. His parents found out about his Hercules cast like the rest of the world when they saw ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ on the big screen.


“Marvel put a chip in my neck and I didn’t tell anyone,” joked Goldstein. variety last month. “I texted my mom and dad and said, ‘I just saw Thor.’ I knew it wasn’t the kind of movie they would watch. You should go see it. That’s funny.'”


“My mom texts me throughout the movie and gives me comments,” Goldstein continued. Crowe is on the screen… my mom texted me, ‘Russell Crowe is back, he’s so funny. I said, “Look up at the screen and fuck!”


Goldstein knows “nothing” about his future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “Thor: Love and Thunder” ends with Zeus (Russell Crowe) ordering his son Hercules to go out and hunt down Thor. Perhaps Goldstein and Thor actor Chris Hemsworth will face off in the future.


“I really, honestly, don’t think this is me lying or being shy – I don’t know anything,” Goldstein said. variety About the future of the MCU. “All I know is what I did that day. That could be it. It was a fun three seconds.”




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