Bridgeport residents outraged over plan to change dead end

Residents of Bridgeport in the North End are furious about plans to expand the cul-de-sac in both directions.

Aruba Avenue residents say they were never consulted about the plan to change the peaceful atmosphere their community is known for.

One of the residents, Tanya Joseph, says she loves her quiet little enclave away from traffic and drug trafficking.

Joseph says the plan will transform a peaceful neighborhood into the kind of bustling neighborhood that people were trying to escape when they bought their homes.

The city began by cutting down trees on either side of the street without informing residents about the project.

“One of the reasons my family and I bought this house was because we were promised the street would not open,” says a resident who just received confirmation that Aruba Avenue would open on both ends.

Residents are concerned about safety, loss of privacy, and potential property value.

“I don’t like it,” says Willie Durant, another resident. “Actually, I’m terrified of the children and the community because there will be more traffic going through here and someone will get hurt.”

Residents said city officials said the roads were open to make it easier for emergency vehicles to pass.

Neighbors say they have launched a petition and are planning to speak at the city council.

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