Britney Spears ‘cries to sleep most nights’ | Entertainment

Britney Spears ‘falls asleep’ while battling anxiety.

The 40-year-old star shared a heartbreaking post with fans while opening up about how people present themselves on social media and reflecting on past trauma.

she wrote:

“Yeah, I’m doing my best or trying to post what I think is the good life… well, the truth is, my spirit is getting better, but I’m not as old as my life’s past.” I am forever traumatized by the experience…

“There is no way to fix me, my emotions, my sensitivity… THERAPY, EVERYTHING!!! I think my emotions need some kind of miracle.(sic)”

The “Toxic” hitmaker claimed his life wasn’t what it seemed from his social media posts, claiming he had no clue “in real life.”

She continued:

“I don’t know how to maintain good posture when I’m not in front of the camera…and I have to go to school just to be taught a weird gait…

“I know you say ‘but you’re a performer’…well that’s it!!! It’s a stage act…in real life I have no clue…and I’m working on it !!! (sic)”

Britney also talked about food and the concept of the word “more” in a lengthy post.

She added: “I’m so lazy, I’m learning the word ‘MORE’… I’ve never spent a few seconds at the dinner table. Especially in L.A. where a lot of people are starving.” I know there are, but that’s strange…

“I want more these days…does that make me a bad person??? Strange that someone made me the best mac and cheese the other day…I swear I wanted more!!!

“But I didn’t do that so I thought about it!!! Have I ever spent a few seconds??? It’s called MORE and maybe MORE isn’t that bad …and open to MORE and DOOR!!! (sic)”

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