Bronx mother says NYCHA living conditions were uninhabitable for two years

The Bronx mother says she has been living in incapacitated conditions for two years with her four children in a NYCHA apartment.

Jylissa, who declined to give her full name for fear of retaliation, said the problem started with a leaking ceiling and peeling walls in her children’s room. Now you can’t enter the room without a mask and the problem spreads throughout the apartment.

“My kids are saying, ‘Mommy, I have to move, I have to move out of here.'”

She has submitted many tickets to NYCHA, but the issue has not been resolved.

She says she removed the kitchen counters and cabinets without replacing them, and the leak continued.

“First they said they were short staffed. Second they said they were in the middle of a pandemic. So what’s going on now?” says Zilissa.

Jylissa says she plans to return to court in mid-September as she fights to get the NYCHA to complete repairs to her apartment.

NYCHA says it is working with residents to ensure repairs are made. Scheduled for a permanent repair on Wednesday Thursday.

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