Bronx residents say Con Edison’s car has been occupying limited parking lots for weeks

Street parking is already hard to come by downtown, but residents of several Bronx neighborhoods say cars claiming to be part of Con Edison have occupied their spaces for days and weeks. I’m here.

One car in Parkchester has an orange cone with Con-Edison branded cones around it. This is a sight that David McMillan and his neighbors have been watching for longer than expected.

“I thought they would be here, at least the next day,” McMillan said. “No, it’s not. Two weeks is a long time.”

Neighbors say the car has been there for two weeks. The neighborhood they say is already running out of parking spaces.

News 12 came out at the intersection of Guerlain and Unionport streets with cars. On Sunday, a Hyundai was in a space blocked by Cohn and Con Edison “No Parking” signs. Chrysler was in its place on Monday.

An image sent to News 12 by a viewer who did not want to speak in front of the camera shows both sides of Mulford Avenue cut away. The image is from August 20th.

News 12 returned to the scene nine days later and found the same Con Edison cone, but only on one side of the street. When News 12 contacted the power company, it said it could not confirm why the contractor was parked along Mulford Avenue.

Con Edison provided the following statement:

“Contractors will use the cones to allow the crew to access the areas they need to complete this work as quickly and safely as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

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