Bronx tenants say building management office closed for too long

Some Bronx tenants expressed frustration Friday after they said their apartment building’s management office had been closed for more than a year.

A resident of 1432 Crotona Park East said the building’s management office has been closed since last September.

Management company Crotona Park Redevelopment LLC told News 12 that it was closed for renovation due to flooding from Hurricane Ida. We are told that some repairs have been made, but the office is not yet ready to fully reopen.

Tenants say a year is too long.

The management office also manages the apartments at 1415 Bristow St. and 853 Elslemere Place.

Residents said they were concerned that the building had not been maintained since the offices were closed.

They also added that rent payments and lease renewals are becoming difficult.

In response to tenant complaints, the management company issued a statement. , there was a system in place for reporting them, so maintenance was able to address issues quickly. ”

The company also added that offices will reopen on Monday. However, some residents said they needed to see it to believe it.

The tenants of all three condominiums involved have drafted a petition and are collecting signatures demanding that the management office here be open five days a week.

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