Brooklyn Baker leaves to help breastfeeding mom

At a Brooklyn bakery, one entrepreneur helps mothers who are struggling to breastfeed with baked goods.

The baker is also a mother, and after giving birth to twin daughters in 2015, she says she understands the struggles behind breastfeeding some mothers face.

“It’s hard,” said Sharonda Vasquez, owner of Sophia & Grace Bakery in Bed-Stuy.

Vasquez says being unable to produce milk was one of her most difficult moments. That struggle inspired her to start making vegan “lactation cookies” for her mother, who is experiencing similar issues.

“Apricots, fennel, oats, and chocolate will help you produce more milk,” Vazquez said. is good.”

But it’s not just an anecdote that Vasquez cites for these amazing results from her sweet treats. Not only that, but it also tastes good.

“I like to surprise some of my clients with postpartum cookies or nursing cookies, but for the most part I just eat them because they’re delicious,” Tudor said. .'”

Named after Vasquez’s twin daughters, Sofia & Grace makes vegan lactation cookies with all-natural ingredients like fennel, apricots and almonds.

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