Brooklyn Residents Worry Tentative Rezoning Map Isn’t Accurately Reflecting Community

Brooklyn residents attended a hearing in Crown Heights on Sunday night to express their concerns about the new rezoning plan.

A realignment takes place every 10 years following the census to reflect demographic changes.

Those who attended the event at Medgar Evers College stood before the New York City District Commission to speak out.

Many residents said they were not happy with the temporary map, adding that the current map would only divide communities.

They demanded that the committee keep their neighborhood intact.

The hearing was one of five held around the city where residents wrote letters, participated via Zoom, and stood up to voice their opinions on the rezoning plan.

A common concern among residents was that communities of color would be marginalized, undermining their voting rights and economic control.

But committee chair Dennis Walcott said their goal was to keep everyone in mind.

Walcott said the commission will have a final version of the map ready by the end of the year.

Residents said they hoped the new map would accurately reflect a significant percentage of their representatives.

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