Bubblehouse Brings NFTs to New York Fashion Week

NEW YORK, Feb. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — During New York Fashion Week, bubble house has launched two partnerships with luxury fashion brands Altuzarra and Markarian. Altuzarra and Markarian integrated her collectible NFT experience into the show, wowing guests with limited-edition, brand-inspired NFTs available exclusively at Bubblehouse via her QR code on the site.

Guests were given physical copies at the Altuzarra show on Sunday, February 13th. Moby Dick, which inspired this season’s collection, includes personal notes and inspirational images from Joseph Altuzarra – each package is wrapped in a print from the show’s collection. Bubblehouse created three digital NFT versions of these. Each with a different colorway and different levels of collectibility. “For me, it’s about taking things that are very relevant to Altuzarra in specific moments and immortalizing them as digital works of art that connect the physical show to the digital world to create an augmented feeling. It’s been inspiring to be able to: community.Working with Bubblehouse on their recent show allowed us to reimagine what the future of touchpoints for Altuzarra could look like, and ultimately create in new media. I was able to become a target.

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At the Markarian show on Monday, February 14, the brand took a similar approach by creating one exclusive NFT inspired by the collection’s signature ornamentation. Envisioned, it opened to reveal a multi-coloured crystal bead with 300 editions to collect. “Developing Markarian NFTs at Bubblehouse is a creative process, providing consumers (and future consumers) with new forms of access and interacting with brand culture in exciting ways. “As the only NFT creator that is environmentally conscious, we resonated with how easy it is to navigate the world of NFTs through their platform.We look forward to the sense of community we create together for fashion fans around the world.” said Alexandra O’Neill of

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/84d118e6-46ed-463f-ada6-d5683557b027.

“We are just getting started when it comes to NFTs and fashion,” says Bubblehouse co-founder Rohan Sinha. “We anticipate that NFT exclusive passes for fashion brands will be a massive marketplace where NFT owners will receive premium access to the brand universe and associated social signals. Fashion brands will also start creating assets in the digital realm, from digital clothing, avatars and accessories to virtual experiences and shows.”

Bubblehouse brought together a community of digital art lovers and NFT collectors with the fashion community for a long-term dialogue. Altuzarra’s fashion show attendees, who own his NFT on the show, will be invited to his Altuzarra’s exclusive “Collector’s Club” on the platform to receive future NFT drops, early access to private events, and exclusive access to the brand. Get the inside scoop on premium access and more.

Through these partnerships, Bubblehouse has demonstrated how the platform can seamlessly give brands the opportunity to activate within the NFT space. Built on the Bubble House ethos of social sharing, community building and accessibility, Fashion Week’s partnership is just the beginning of the company’s exploration of its fashion-related endeavors.

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About Bubble House

Bubblehouse is the first social, accessible and eco-friendly NFT marketplace where creators and collectors do not need cryptocurrency expertise to discover, collect and sell digital NFTs. Make the stream world accessible for the first time. Creators can create her NFTs for free with one click, and collectors can purchase her NFTs with standard payment methods without having to manipulate complicated crypto wallets or cryptocurrencies. Bubblehouse is his first NFT environment where you can see what your friends, favorite athletes, celebrities and influencers are collecting, and who else is collecting what, all in a real-time interactive environment.

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