Bursting pipes and brown water at Pinehurst Senior Complex annoy residents

Hundreds of residents in East Patchogue’s senior housing complex are frustrated.

Occurs after a water pipe bursts, causing a leak or brown water from the faucet.

There is now a plumber and a fire and water cleanup repair truck in front of the complex.The problem of burst pipes has happened four times in five days in the past week, according to seniors.

Residents said water pipes burst on Monday, Friday, Saturday, and this morning. Water is leaking into hallways and apartments causing property damage and mold problems. Tennant says repairs are being made, but it’s been a band-aid to the situation since it’s happened many times.

Some residents say they have not had clean water for days and when they turn it back on, the faucets turn brown.

Some people at the facility are disabled and have serious health problems. One of her tenants, Dawn Damico Meyer, says she is legally blind and has cancer, heart and kidney disease, and bedsores. She says she doesn’t have to fight this either.

“My health is at risk. When we turn on that water, everyone else’s health is at risk,” she said. Even if you put it in a bucket, the water is still brown. ”

Residents say they had to buy bottled water just to bathe.

Conifer LLC, the management company of the complex, sent the following statement to News 12: We are aware of the situation and are working diligently to resolve it. Communicate with residents when repairs are complete. ”

Tenants say that’s not enough.

“Now, as far as I’m concerned, management is blowing us away,” says Jack Vartabedian.

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