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Indianapolis (Wish) — See Friday’s business headlines with Jane King.

Indiana has the 8th highest foreclosure rate in the nation

According to Indiana, 1 in 600 homes, or 4,800 total, are foreclosed. atom dataThe state’s foreclosure rate is the eighth highest in the nation.

Atom Data also says so Vanderburgh County was one of the 10 counties with the highest foreclosure rate in June.1 in 1,449 homes in the county had been filed for foreclosure.

House prices are rising, interest rates are trending higher, and the pandemic stimulus is virtually over. Therefore, some people have trouble paying.

Average new car price hits all-time high

The average price of a new car in the US hit a record high of $48,182 in July.

Kelley Blue Book says the price has beaten the previous record set in June.

The coronavirus pandemic has squeezed supply chains and increased demand for affordable cars. Now that the rush to affordable cars has subsided, some buyers are opting for more luxurious options than they used to.

USPS raises prices temporarily for holiday season

Sending gifts this holiday season will cost more.

According to the U.S. Postal Service, Temporary rate hike from October 2nd to January 22nd to offset rising shipping costs.

The price increase depends on the parcel type, package size and shipping distance.

More than half of Generation X can’t afford to help their parents

More than half of US adults who are part of Generation X (born between 1965 and 1980) don’t have enough money to help their aging parents. new research From reverse mortgage lender AAG.

According to AAG, older Americans are wary of using their wealth.

An AAG survey found that the majority of Gen Xers are concerned that inflation is making their parents worse off, with 62% of respondents worried about the impact inflation will have on their parents’ finances. says.

Costs of back-to-school ‘essentials’ rise

The cost of back-to-school essentials like glue, markers, pens, and backpacks has skyrocketed.

Klover, which collects spending data from more than 3 million consumers, says the price of scotch tape has surged nearly 70% this year compared to 2021.

The cost of two other popular school supplies — Sharpie permanent markers and Elmer’s glue — has risen nearly 55% and 30%, respectively.

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