Bypassing Florida Municipal and County Liens: Minor Violation, Major Exposure

Given the current economic climate, real estate investors and mortgagees are likely to find themselves with more vacant homes across Florida. By their very nature, vacant homes are more likely to run into disrepair, putting their owners at risk of unknowingly violating county or local ordinances. Ensuring compliance with these local ordinances can be difficult because each region has different ordinance requirements, but even the slightest violation can cost him thousands of dollars a day in liability. It is required because there is This article provides an overview of local law enforcement to help property owners meet their compliance obligations and avoid huge fines, liens, and even foreclosures.

Overview of Local Ordinance Enforcement

In 1980, the Florida Legislature enacted the Local Government Law Enforcement Commission Act, found at Florida Code Section 162.01 et seq. The law appoints a local county or municipality a special magistrate or, depending on population size, consists of her five or seven community members elected to enforce local ordinances and ordinances. has the power to create a law enforcement commission that Flastat. Sections 162.02, 162.03, 162.05. Local governments also appoint attorneys who attend law enforcement hearings to prosecute cases or serve as advisors to committees. Flastat. Section 162.05.

What violates local ordinances of the local government or county?

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