CA “Mega Flood” | Literacy by Dave Eggers and 826 Valencia

Threat of “Mega Flood”
A new study shows that a series of events that scientists have dubbed “megafloods” could put California at risk for weeks of torrential downpours, river flooding and devastating urban areas. increase.we talk UCLA climate scientist Danielle Swain How climate change is increasing the risk of catastrophic flooding that will “change the face of California forever,” and how the state can best prepare.

826 Valencia celebrates its 20th anniversary
The pirate store and the tree house are just two ways the San Francisco-based nonprofit brings the power of writing to young people. Founded in 2002 by Bay Area author Dave Eggers and veteran public school teacher Nínive Calegari, 826 Valencia Street influences a national network of youth writing and publishing centers serving hundreds of thousands of students across the country. has given

The guests:

  • Nínive Calegari, co-founder of 826 Valencia
  • Dave Eggers, co-founder of 826 Valencia
  • Vita Nazarian, 826 Valencia Executive Director

Beautiful Things: San Francisco Women’s Building
Home to new female-led projects since 1979, the San Francisco Women’s Building is covered in vibrant murals celebrating the achievements of female role models. Completed in 1994, the mural depicts Georgia O’Keeffe, Rigoberta’s Menchi, and more.cormorant With Aztec and Chinese goddesses. Over 170 organizations trace their roots to this building. The building is her one of the first women-owned and operated community centers in the country. This week’s Something Beautiful.

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