Camping Means Chaos

Ray Xonath

The trick to camping is finding time to relax.

In my family, camping is nothing like what you see on TV, so you can sit obediently watching yodelling loons drift near a tranquil lake while a quiet couple enjoys the fireplace. It is an idyllic environment.

Our camp is a little more chaotic. Our family camping trips, as we’ve done over the years, consist of a small army of hungry people of all sizes and shapes and at least one dog obsessed with chasing squirrels. This is because it contains

There is no doubt that it has evolved with the advancement of technology. For some families, the tent days are being replaced by giant campers with fluffy beds, multiple TVs and air conditioning.

As for me, my tent days are definitely behind me. No matter how thick the air mattress was, it didn’t keep her wife from popping off the other end every time. I sat down.

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