Carbon dioxide shortage hits local beer business

Local bar owners are concerned that their suppliers are running out of carbon dioxide, a vital ingredient in making and serving beer.

Christopher Gandsy, owner of Daleview Biscuits and Beers, said his current carbon bill has increased by 15% to 20%. This led him to believe that suppliers were running out of high-demand ingredients.

“Without that CO2, there is little you can do in making beer or serving beer because people want to carbonate beer. You can’t even move it, there are so many layers in it,” he says.

He says that New York City breweries are not affected supply-wise, but he is aware that several breweries in upstate New York have been told by their suppliers that they will no longer ship. .

“Many people in the Upstate are struggling to find alternatives to CO2,” he said.

A shortage of CO2 will cause beer to plateau, and an increase in the price of CO2 will increase the price of beer. Beer purveyors like Gandsy hope this problem is resolved soon.

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