Catherine Cortez Mast announces millions of dollars in funding for Nevada’s economy

RENO, Nevada (KOLO) – Nevada State Senator Catherine Cortez Mast announced that she will raise $3.9 million in funding to support the economy of Southern Nevada.

$2.1 million will be donated to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to support the local tourism industry. $1.8 million will be donated to the City of Las Vegas for vocational training programs in the culinary and hospitality sectors.

Cortez Masto said: “This grant will make a real difference to critical industries and workers in Southern Nevada and support continued economic recovery.”

Funding used in this project was secured through the US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Development and made available under the American Rescue Plan.

UNLV President Keith E. Whitfield said: “This grant will help UNLV foster new opportunities in high-impact growth areas such as sports, culture and medical tourism, which will help Las Vegas build on its reputation as a global leader in tourism and entertainment. help maintain and build

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