Celebrate the sisters who won $100,000!

Celebrate the sisters who won $100,000!

We all know how much music, fashion, and food you’ll see at the Essence Festival of Culture, but this year, Pine Sol and ESSENCE brought in $100,000 to black women entrepreneurs!

Black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs, but they are still the most underfunded. By creating the Build Your Legacy Contest, Pine-Sol and ESSENCE have provided her over 1,000 female entrepreneurs with the opportunity to grow their businesses and share their stories and dreams. Since 2019, the competition has raised nearly $300,000 in funding.

For the first time this year, I was excited to announce the winners
Live in New Orleans. Onsite, Pine-Sol and her ESSENCE were wonderfully represented through her Diane Amos, a finalist, her brand ambassador and of course the ‘Pine-Sol Lady’ herself. While there, Amos reportedly said:
We are thrilled that ESSENCE and Pine-Sol’s hard work over the past few years has paid off on stage. ”

The crowd cheered as Diane invited this year’s finalists onto the stage.
Hudson Kitchen founder Djenaba Johnson-Jones has been honored as the 2022 Build Your Legacy Grand Prize Winner. Not only will she receive $100,000 for her business, but she will also receive six months of business coaching. “I am a firm believer that you are as strong as your network,” Jones explains. increase!”

While there, Jared Lawrence, Associate Brand Manager at Pine-Sol, said,
Inspired by the accomplishments of these women, she said:
Legacy isn’t just about handing out checks, it’s about lifting people up.
Voices and dreams of the black women’s community. “

Pine-Sol and ESSENCE are proud to empower black women
entrepreneur. Learn more about the finalists and their businesses here.

Hudson Kitchen founder Geneva Johnson-Jones.
This Northern New Jersey food and beverage incubator is for serious food
A maker who dreams big and is ready to achieve big things! Hudson Kitchen offers 8,000 square feet of production, storage and collaboration
A space for brands ready to start, grow and scale their business.member
Fully licensed facility with access to a growing list of bespoke amenities.
An FDA-registered 24/7 kitchen, you’ll receive support to power bold moves with education, mentorship, and collaboration opportunities.

Celebrate the sisters who won $100,000!

Tyra Moore, founder of A Girl Like Me, Inc.
A non-profit organization that helps girls, teens, teen mothers and young people
Moms aged 11 to 25.diapers, wipes, baby
milk, food, new and infrequently used baby products, clothing, shoes,
Personal hygiene kit.They also provide resources and mentoring
A program to help with any difficulties they may face.

Celebrate the sisters who won $100,000!

Deydra Bringas and Shakira Hodges, founders of Trivia for Us
Called “mind games for culture,” Trivia for Us curates virtual and in.
A trivia gaming experience featuring original questions about pop culture, music, movies, TV shows, science, history, sports, politics, literature, art, and current affairs. They create engaging, interactive and customized trivia games that appeal to multicultural and multigenerational audiences, seeking experiences that promote diversity and inclusion.

Celebrate the sisters who won $100,000!

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