Cenlar FSB Appoints Michelle DeHart as Vice President of Lending Operations, Escrow

Senler FSB, The company announced Tuesday that it has appointed Michelle DeHart, the second largest mortgage servicer and largest sub-servicer in the United States, as vice president of loan escrow.

“Having managed a large service operation, we rely on Michelle’s expertise and are confident that she will provide the best possible solutions for Senler, our customers, and homeowners. ,” said Bill Moffett, Senler’s senior vice president of loan operations.

In his new role, DeHart will lead escrow functions such as tax, insurance, flood insurance and escrow analysis, as well as finance, staffing, administration and compliance for the escrow team. In addition, DeHart will perform tasks related to Cenlar’s business plan goals and lead initiatives to increase operational efficiency and enhance risk mitigation.

“I am thrilled to be part of the Cenlar team,” said DeHart. “My aim is to leverage technology and automate as much as possible to enhance Cenlar’s escrow his area, increase operational efficiencies, and deliver the best results for Cenlar, our clients, and their homeowners. is.”

DeHart’s professional career spans 25 years in the mortgage banking and financial services industry.

Prior to his role at Senler, he was a senior director at Escrow. home point financial rear ServiceMac After acquiring the subservices portfolio, DeHart served as Vice President of Escrow Services and oversaw real estate and mortgage insurance.

DeHart has also held various roles with other large financial institutions such as Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley.

Centlar now operates in all 50 US states and territories. Its customer base includes banks, credit unions, mortgage his bankers.

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