Ceremony at Tobay Beach Honors 9/11 Victims

For 21 years, Long Islander has remembered those who died on September 11th and honored those who died of related diseases after the terrorist attacks.

Tobai Beach was packed with families of 9/11 victims and townspeople paying their respects on Thursday.

Those who died on 9/11 are carved into the memorial, and three more people who died of 9/11-related illnesses after the terrorist attacks were added to the wall of honor.

Rosemary Kane helped read the names of those who died in the Twin Towers, including her son, FDNY Firefighter George Kane.

“God bless each one of you. I wish you a happy and peaceful anniversary, and may God bless those you lost,” Cain said. increase.

Gerald F. Erickson, Erwin (Jimmy) Reich, and Arlene Zuzzolo were added to the wall of honor after they died from 9/11-related illnesses.

Oyster Bay Town supervisor Joseph Saladino says it’s important to honor those who died after 9/11.

“In the town of Oyster Bay, you never forget,” says Saladino.

A tribute of light representing the Twin Towers could also be seen shining in the sky.

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