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Christopher Hildebrandt is a Cincinnati entrepreneur who has been in the real estate industry for decades. A third-generation real estate developer, he became passionate about this field early in his life. He started his journey as a property developer and eventually expanded into investing, brokerage and property management. Although his work is nationally recognized, Christopher’s primary area of ​​coverage is Cincinnati. He is passionate about transforming communities and leaving an impact for generations.

Both his father and grandfather were in the industry, so Christopher Hildebrandt quickly picked up a knack for the field. Entering the real estate industry was almost an automatic choice as he followed in the footsteps of his predecessors. Christopher studied real estate and finance at Georgetown University before beginning his career with an internship at a development firm. His skills and abilities saw him quickly climb the professional ladder and become a company partner within a year. This was a very important achievement for the company and his career.

Christopher Hildebrand Cincinnati BIO

Christopher founded Morelia Group in 2008 after gaining a good knowledge of real estate industry trends. His company grew steadily as he used his deep wisdom in the field. He has won several awards. His projects always use unique designs to bring something new and unique to each one. Christopher believes in rebuilding the old rather than tearing it down. We work on residential apartments, office buildings, retail centers, and mixed-use buildings.

Christopher works as an intermediary in the acquisition and sale of land and buildings, the leasing of properties, and the management of both large and small portfolios. His work in revitalizing the Cincinnati area has paid off and changed the way we look at the city as a whole.His investments have breathed fresh air into old and neglected buildings. He restores the beauty of these properties and completely modernizes them. He works to ensure that these properties and neighborhoods remain vibrant, even though they retain their historic charm and value. enjoys his work and plans to have a thriving community to live in.


Apart from his career, Christopher Hildebrand is also involved in charity. He believes in giving a helping hand to society and helping the less fortunate to live a better life. He serves on the board of Supportive Living Solutions, an organization dedicated to providing support services and housing to individuals living with intellectual and developmental problems. They have touched thousands of people and always put a smile on the faces of those affected and their families. I contribute generously.

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Christopher Hildebrandt Morelia Group Cincinnati

Christopher Hildebrandt, founder of the Morelia Group in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Christopher’s brainchild, Morelia Group is a fully operational property development and management company. Its primary focus is Cincinnati’s urban core, and its impact is already visible. The company’s development scope is gradually expanding to other cities in the United States, working on residential and industrial real estate. With the passion of the founder and CEO, the company continues to achieve its goal of transforming Cincinnati into his one facility at a time.

Now the company is planning to launch a new project, which planners hope will bring significant investment and employment opportunities to the city. They plan to launch retail space, commercial facilities and residential properties all at once.

The project will include approximately 400 residential units and 100,000 commercial spaces. Christopher expects the effort to cost about $140 million. It looks like a mountain, but with Christopher Hildebrand at the wheel, this dream can come true in no time.

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