Check Out New Wine Bars Coming To Trussville’s Entertainment District This Fall

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Sisters Elizabeth and Mary Martin in front of their future home at Corbeau Wine Bar (Sharron Swain / Bham Now)

Trussville, get ready. This fall, the doors open to Kobo, a new wine bar taproom.

Look for Corbeau Wine Bar around Halloween or Thanksgiving.

This is a rendering of what the space looks like. (Corbeaux Wine Bar/Instagram)

what: Locally founded + owned wine bar taproom serving over 45 different wines, wine cocktails and charcuterie
position: 160 Morrow Ave, Suite 112, Trussville, Alabama 35173
opening: Late Fall 2022, date TBA

Walking distance from Ferus Artisan Ales, Pinchgut Pies and Cookie Dough Magic + Trussville Social.

The people behind Corbeau

The Martin family, who became Trussville residents in 2013 and 2016, are the founders and owners of Corbeau Wine Bar.

John and Mark Martin are Miami-born brothers married to sisters Elizabeth and Mary Crow.

Wondering where the name came from? Here’s what I found on Instagram:

“their [the sisters’] His maiden name Crowe is Corbeau in French, from which he took the inspiration for the name. Not only sisters, but also best friends, the two of her always wanted to start a business together. The idea for Wine Her Bar came to Elizabeth during her 2021 visit to Charlotte, North Carolina. After talking with her sister Mary, they agreed. Wine bars are perfect for @trussville_district and Corbeau Wine Bar is born! They look forward to bringing a premium wine tasting bar to the community and know that each visit will be a unique experience that will soon be remembered!”

What’s on offer at the Corbeau Wine Bar

This rendering gives you an idea of ​​what the space will look like. (Corbeaux Wine Bar/Instagram)

According to The Trussville Tribune, guests can experience more than 45 different types of draft wines and more than 100 bottles ranging from Sweet Moscato to Pinot Noir. Additionally, the bar has food options such as charcuterie.


  • corbeau wine bar
  • Check out the new wine bar opening in Trusville's entertainment district this fall

When I spoke with Sister Martin, they said they were looking at a 12-week construction project. With that in mind, you might be able to check out the Corbeau Wine Bar sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

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