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There’s only a week left before we find out if Abby (Megan Ory) called Evan (Robert Buckley) or Jay (Grayston Holt). Chesapeake Shores It’s the season 5 finale, but as we keep waiting, we want to know who you I think she should choose

There is a teacher, Jay, whom Abby invited as a plus-one to Jess (Lacey J. Mailley) and David’s (Carlo Marks) wedding. It seemed like anything could happen between them, and he won her over with a picture of her as an example of capturing the perfect moment. However, he also liked the guidance counselor at school and admitted that he wanted to start something with her unless Abby told him there was hope for the two of them.

Meanwhile, Abby spent Season 5 joking with billionaire Evan (and dancing with him at the aforementioned wedding). He made the grandest gesture of picking her up from the airport. She agreed to consider going on a “full-blown date” with him. I was curious (and it didn’t hurt that he brought my daughter dairy-free brownies).

So Abby had a lot to think about when she told her sister Bree (Emily Woollerup): Now she doesn’t know if she wants to be with someone.” Yet, by the end of the finale, she left someone a voicemail.

The Season 6 trailer makes it look like Abby and Evan are going on a date, but the promo could be deceiving. Furthermore, even if they did go on a date, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she called or would go with him. Admittedly, it might be hard to imagine Abby getting serious with anyone other than Trace (Jesse Metcalfe). But he’s gone, I don’t know if he’ll come back, and she seems ready to move on. Tell us who you think you are by voting in the poll below. should do it (not necessarily) choose.

Chesapeake Shores6th and Final Season Premieres, Sunday, August 14, 8/7c, Hallmark Channel

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