‘Chicago Fire’ season 11 ends with a devastating twist: [SPOILER] Would you like to leave the program?

WARNING: This story contains spoilers for NBC’s Chicago Fire season 11 finale, “Red Waterfall.” Will another hero leave the One Chicago Universe?


Original star Nick Gehlfuss made his final appearance on Wednesday’s Chicago Med finale. This is one of the many dropouts in Dick Wolf’s procedure over the past year.


During the season 11 “Chicago Fire” finale, Mouch, played by Christian Stolte, who has been on the series since its debut in 2012, is hit by shrapnel while on a call with the shooter. After he was rushed to hospital, the fire department said he was conscious and recovering, not a bullet.


But in the episode’s final moments, Herrmann (David Eigenberg) was by Mushu’s side when he found himself turning pale. When he looked down, he saw that Mushu was bleeding and then flattened. As the cameras rolled, it became clear why the episode was titled “Red Falls”, as blood ran down the side of Moushu’s hospital bed and Herman screamed for a doctor.


In the final episode, Jesse Spencer, who left after playing Matt Casey for 10 seasons, returned, but Taylor Kinney’s Kelly Severide did not. Kinney took time off early in the season due to personal issues. The protagonist attends an arson investigation training program out of town, but during the finale, her wife Stella (Miranda Rae Mayo) realizes something else is going on. She said so and declared that she would bring her husband home.


Casey also hinted that Spencer could return for more than just a cameo when he proposed to ex Brett (Kara Kilmer).


The season 11 finale was the final episode for showrunner and co-creator Derek Haas, who announced in March that he would be leaving Wolf Entertainment at the end of the season.




‘Chicago Fire’ season 11 comes to a devastating end: [SPOILER] Would you like to leave the program? First appearance in media pub news.

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