Child bullying victim becomes world’s youngest designer to showcase her clothing line at New York Fashion Week

DALLAS (KDAF) — What have you accomplished by the time you’re 16? All great things are accomplishments, but some are a little bigger.

In 2017, Kheris Rogers, then 10, said she had been bullied for years by her elementary school classmates because of her dark skin.

Kelis and her sister decided to use bullying as a source of inspiration rather than let the violence drag them down, launching their fashion line Flexin’ in My Complexion.

As such, Kelis became the youngest fashion designer to show her collection at New York Fashion Week, with Hollywood celebrities wearing her.

Now 16, her accomplishments don’t stop there. Kheris is writing her new children’s book, Shine Bright. The book is about a girl named Imani who remains as confident as she is in her real life in Kelis, even when ridiculed for her skin tone.

Kheris joined Fun on the Run to host Yolonda Williams to delve into her book and storied life. Watch the video player above for her full interview.

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