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Designer Christian Cowan will officially join the fashion calendar for four seasons to mark the debut of his first resort collection. The designer plans to follow up the collection with her Spring 2023 runway show during New York Fashion Week.

“For me, it was important that it was a true reflection of who we are as a brand and where we’re headed. I think that’s changing. Our store. So, our office is downstairs, we meet and chat with our customers almost every day, it’s great to get their perspective that influenced what I’ve done.Everything is still wild “It’s also about reflecting light, but it’s not just sequins and crystal presses,” he says of the collection’s stretch lurex and crystal chainmail styles. talked about

The collection was a strong continuation of Cowan’s bold signature, a coveted piece all day long. For example, Cowan’s signature new interpretation of his party glamor came in the form of bombastic high-waisted ballroom hoops on his skirts (which were also in denim). Lots of tops and sheer silk chiffon blouses, colorful and playful party cocktail shakers and gowns.

“I thought about how each piece in this collection could dance and sweat in it. I want people to live in it. added within the walls of Worcester Street. Pink storefront.

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