Clark County Common Please Court Case

22CV0392: Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC v. Clark County Treasurer, Tammy B. Heaton, James L. Schelhaas III, Unknown Spouse of James L. Schelhaas III, Foreclosure.

22CV0393: Kimberly N. Burns v. Coy W. Linderman, Ohio, Joseph M. McCandish, Medicaid Office, Claims for Damages.

22CV0394: PHH Mortgage Corporation v. Clark County Treasurer, John Doe, United States of America, United States of America at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Unknown Administrator, Executor or Trustee, Unknown Heir, Next of kin Unknown Spouse, Creator, Heir, Creditor and Beneficiary of Terry K. Murray Estate, Deceased – Address Unknown, Foreclosure.

22CV0395: NewRez LLC d/b/a Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing v. State of Ohio, Department of Taxation, Department of Taxation, Treasurer of Clark County, The Unknown Heirs at Law, Devisees, Legatees, Administrators, and Executors of the Estate of Teresa G. Carden, deceased, address unknown, heir, inventor, testator, administrator, and executor of the estate of Lloyd M. Carden Jr. City of Springfield, Foreclosure.

All cases are up to date.

Marriage License:

Kaitlin Elizabeth Aldridge, 22, of Springfield is a warehouse associate and Payton Bryce Lawwill, 20, is an SSR assistant in Springfield.

Darryl Scott Carter, 33, Springfield, Diesel Technician, and LeeAnn Nicole Shaffer, 31, Springfield Medical.

Brandy Lyn Thurston, 37, of Springfield is targeting distribution, while Richard Lamar Fuller, 39, of Springfield is targeting distribution.

Miranda Marie Moosey, 28, New Carlyle, Cancer Registry, Evan Douglas Joos, 28, New Carlyle, Logistics.

Donovan Tyler Holloway, 24, of Springfield is a mechanical engineer and Katelyn Gabrielle McCohn, 24, is a medical assistant in Fairborn.

Marisa Diane Smith, 23, Buckeye Ag Testing, Enon and Riley Spencer Williams, 23, 7/11 Inc., Enon

Annabella Nikolina Brogan, 30, Fairborn, EHS Technician; Roy Spencer Belcher, 43, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Fairborn.

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