Classic New Jersey Foods and Cannabis to Complement Them

Select Saltwater Taffy -> Squeeze (Watermelon)

Saltwater taffy is an Atlantic City invention and has a (questionable) origin story of ocean waves destroying a candy store. Yes, and fans of fruity flavors will probably enjoy a similar cannabis treat: Choice Squeeze. It does double duty.It comes in a variety of flavors, including lemon-lime, watermelon, and strawberry lemonade. This is reminiscent of the buckets of saltwater taffy you can buy in old-fashioned shops along the Jersey coastline. Feel free to choose your favorite flavor. You can also try the combination of watermelon squishy and watermelon toffee for the perfect complement.

Zeppoles -> Whole Flower (Sativa)

Another quintessential boardwalk treat, this time the fried variety, the Zeppol is basically an Italian-American donut, usually covered in powdered sugar. If you haven’t spent a day sweating out eating fried dough in the summer sun on a Jersey beach, you haven’t lived. Get your hands on a Curaleaf Sativa designed to create an active, energetic tension, ideal after a long day of winning carnival games. Be sure to light up at the beach house, not the boardwalk. I don’t want to be the one blowing smoke in the faces of my fellow beachgoers.

Select Chicken Savoy -> Nano Bites (Hybrid)

Neo-Italian cuisine is the theme here, but no list would be complete without Chicken Savoy, which originated in Belleville, New Jersey. There’s nothing much better than this garlicky, crunchy chicken served with cheese and red wine vinegar, and the longtime food lover knows that when he’s full, he tends to absorb THC at a slower rate. Combine Savoy with Select Nano Bites. Formulated with emulsified THC to speed up the rise time so you can enjoy it right after dinner. As always, sativa and indica options are available, but the balanced hybrid gummies sound like a match for dishes that are cheesy and sour at the same time.

thin crust tomato pie -> whole flour (hybrid)

When it comes to balance, the perfect pizza is one that doesn’t have too much dough, too many toppings, and not too drenched cheese…New Jersey (of course) did that years ago. Thin-crust tomato pies are a specialty of the region, with the added perk of being somewhat more authentic than the slices found in other parts of the country. Combine pizzas and enjoy. Because of its blend of terpenes, it’s appetizing but won’t knock you out.It’s Tomato Pie’s best friend.

Disco Fries -> Select Classic Bites (Indica)

Late night diner-goers have been getting drunk on disco fries in New Jersey for decades, so they don’t need much help here. If you’re unfamiliar with this particular snack, it’s America’s excellent answer to poutine, with fries topped with melted cheese and gravy. Match your snacks with some select indica, as you’ll likely be eating these after midnight anyway. Helps you enter a sleepy state of mind.The perfect combo after a long day in the Garden State.

Legal Disclaimer: This product contains cannabis. For use by adults 21 and older only. Keep out of reach of children. There may be health risks associated with the consumption of this product, including women who are pregnant, nursing, or planning to become pregnant. , do not operate heavy machinery.
Curleaf is licensed by the State of New Jersey, License 09212015.

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