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Sir Cliff Richard pays tribute to the late Mrs. Olivia Newton-John.

More than 30 years after being diagnosed with breast cancer on Monday (08.08.22) at her California ranch surrounded by loved ones, the “Summer Holidays” hitmaker took to Twitter to share with his best friend, We mourned the death of the Grease star. , she is 73 years old.

The 81-year-old music icon wrote that he was “at a loss for what to say” about his friend he met in 1970.

Cliff adds that Death is “a vicious enemy and we will all be taken by him”, adding, “But we are not all taken by him at the same time, so Olivia will be our Remains in my heart and memory, but she remains very much.Alive!!”

After describing himself as “just one of an army of lucky people who knew and loved” the “Xanadu” star, the “Mistletoe and Wine” crooner said, “How could I not love her?” is it?”

“She was gorgeous, talented and had a heart of gold.”

Cliff adds:

He wondered how Olivia, who left her husband John Easterling and daughter Chloe Rattanzi, 36, after learning she had a lump and praised her for her positivity despite her prognosis. “put her career on hold for years,” she recalled.

Cliff said, “Why? She wanted to inspire other patients to fight an ugly disease like she did… so in one interview she said she wasn’t fighting cancer, she just had something she wanted to get rid of.” He said.

He added:

Cliff said the last time he spoke to Olivia on the phone was three weeks ago, and he didn’t think he’d be “acknowledging her death.”

he said:

Cliff also admitted that he “hates” the word death, stating: She misses her. ”

“The world will miss her, so let’s keep her alive in our hearts and memories.”

Cliff signed and wrote: Rest in peace…Cliff○○”

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