CMS grants $98.9 million to health insurance exchange navigator

HHS On Friday, in today’s bite-sized hospital and medical industry news from Maryland and Massachusetts, Health Insurance Exchange Navigator announced that it will receive $98.9 million in grants during the 2023 open enrollment period.

  • Maryland: CMS HHS announced Friday that it has awarded $98.9 million to health insurance exchange navigators for the 2023 open enrollment period. Health Insurance Exchange Navigator assists consumers and small employers in purchasing health insurance and assists in applying for financial assistance. The highest award ever given to a navigator, this funding follows record enrollments for the 2022 plan year. “We are redoubled our efforts to make sure people have the insurance they need,” said HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra. “Navigators are very helpful in educating people about health insurance options that can save lives and getting them where they are.” (Goldman, modern healthcare8/26)
  • Maryland: FDA announced on Friday that N95 respirator masks are no longer on the agency’s medical equipment shortage list. This is a decision that marks the improvement of his chain of supply and the strengthening of domestic manufacturing capabilities. “Today, the production capacity for these devices is stronger and the supply chain is more resilient. This is on behalf of the dedicated people working to save lives,” said FDA Director Suzanne Schwartz. , thanks to these collective efforts.” Office of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation. (Twenty, becker hospital review8/26)
  • Massachusetts: General catalyst On Monday, it announced a partnership with wellspan health— This is the move that marks the company’s fourth digital innovation collaboration with the health system. The two companies are partnering to overcome the challenges WellSpan has identified. Projects could include designing models of care that include behavioral health and social determinants of health, as well as streamlining the patient experience with technology, said Roxanna Gapstur, president and CEO of WellSpan. . Under the partnership, WellSpan will have access to General Catalyst’s “Health Assurance” network, giving it early access to innovation. Daryl Tol, Head of Health Assurance Ecosystem at General Catalyst, said: (Cohen, modern healthcare8/29)

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